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Empanadas de Yucca

Ground chicken, olives, raisins, spices

Pastelitos de Pollo

Ground chicken, olives, raisins, spices

Tacos de Pastor

Tacos of Al Pastor made from pork shoulder with pineapple, onions

Tacos de Carnitas

Tacos of Carnitas which is made of pork shoulder cooked slowly

Tacos de Asada

Tacos of Asada made of beef cooked to perfection and seasoned with

Tacos de Chicharron

Tacos of Chicharron which are pieces of fried pork belly in our


Quesadillas made of cheese and your choice of one of our meats


Burritos made of any one of our meats such as pastor, chicken,

Tacos Vinicio (tacos of ropa vieja)

Tacos of Don Vinicio made of Ropa Vieja which is a Cuban dish made